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  • Remotely monitor the working status of the equipment: set the on/off status of the equipment in different scenarios, and remotely monitor the real-time status of the load electrical appliances.
  • Smart home life: can monitor the usage of all home devices, and can remote control and schedule control to make life smarter.
  • 3 timing modes: timing mode / countdown mode / cycle timing, you can set the time to turn on the air conditioner in advance when you get off work, or set other equipment
  • High-quality material: copper has good electrical conductivity, PA66 flame retardant material, high temperature resistance, effectively improve the safety of use
  • Safe to use: Equipped with colored indicator lights, the running status is clear at a glance. Intelligent protection, easy to use, reliable, support short circuit protection, overload protection, etc.

How to Use:
Lighting Description:
1. The LED indicator shows a steady blue light, indicating that the switch is on.
2. The LED indicator light is off, indicating that the switch is in the off state or off‑grid mode. (In the off grid mode, the manual switch has no status indicator, please pay attention to operation safety).
3. The LED indicator light flashes blue slowly, indicating that the product is in pairing mode.
1. Connect the wire from the upper end of the circuit breaker to the lower end, please make sure the wiring is correct and the WiFi signal is strong.
2. Turn on the phone's Bluetooth and WiFi, open the APP, then long press the power button, wait for about 5‑10 seconds, the LED indicator will slowly flash blue.
3. After waiting for a while, the pop up window will pop up, click the + in the upper right corner, then select the Add Device button, and wait for the device to be recognized.
4. Enter the wifi account password and click Next, and wait for the connection to the network.
5. Connect to the network.


Item Type: Din Rail Circuit Breaker
Material: Copper, PA66
Application: Intelligent home control
Panel Color: Black
Applicable APP: For Smart Lift
Rated Working Voltage: AC 230V
Control Type: Remote control, manual
Number Of Poles: 1P+N (N pole through)
Control Method: For SigMesh/ for ZigBee
Rail: DIN35
Size: Approx. 82x68x18mm/3.23x2.68x0.71in

Package List:
1 x Din Rail Circuit Breaker

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