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The Protec 6000PLUS/OP/S is an interactive addressable high performance optical smoke sensor which provides efficient reliable detection using the light scatter sensing principle with rapid response to a fire signal. The intelligent sensor data is evaluated by the Protec Algo-Tec 6000PLUS interactive programmable algorithms, designed to give maximum sensitivity to smoke detection, with high resistance to false alarms due to high air velocity, insects, dust and R.F. interference. The detection will provide early warning of a fire condition particularly for slow burning fires, the 6000/OP is an ideal general purpose smoke sensor for offices, shops, corridors, factories, warehouses and computer rooms.

The Protec Algo-Tec 6000PLUS/OP/S sensor is equipped with an integrated loops powered electronic sounder with three programmable sounder tone options, constant, pulse or warble selected by the control panel along with adjustable volume control. A loop short circuit isolator is also incorporated within the head. The sensor sounder tones are compatible with the full range of Protec 6000 electronic sounders.

Protec 6000PLUS/OP/S Features:

  • Protec Algo-Tec 6000PLUS Protocol
  • Ideal for detection of smoldering fires
  • Integrated electronic sounder
  • Loop powered
  • Low current
  • Programmable volume control
  • Integral short circuit isolator
  • Sounder tone selectable at control panel
  • Devices display address number.

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