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Gent S4-34420 Interface Single Channel Low Voltage Output (PCB and Enclosure Seperate, Housing Required)

Vigilon can accommodate a high quantity of loop powered interface units offering flexible range of inputs and outputs from the FD&A system from plant control and signalling other systems in a fi re, to linking with other emergency management systems such as sprinklers or security systems.

Loop powered interfaces offer a cost-effective solution with each device individually addressed increasing the overall management capability of the FD&A system.

Interfaces are either powered from the loop or require a separate mains supply. The mains power version has its own battery backup.

Key Features

  • Loop Powered devices reducing cost of installation and maintenance
  • Individual addresses to maximise information and flexible cause and effect
  • Each device with EN54-17 short circuit handling for enhanced system integrity
  • Comprehensive range of functionality in each device variant to simplify system design
  • Complete range of mounting enclosures and accessories
  • Options to connect conventional fire detectors such as flame and beam detectors
  • Certified to EN54-17 and EN54-18

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