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  • ✔️Colour monitor of Exhito series
  • ✔️LCD 4" screen, basic version
  • ✔️3 buttons for door lock release

Colour monitor of Exhito series, with LCD 4" screen, basic version. Supplied with 3 buttons for door lock release, monitor auto switch-on and further eventual ones. Depending on the wall bracket used, you can use it with digital FN4000 or DF6000 systems, or with analogue one with reduced wiring or conventional wiring, always with electronic call


✔️Material: plastic
✔️Mounting wall mounting: yes
✔️Color: white
✔️Display: LCD 4"
✔️button number: 3
✔️working temperature range: 0/50°C
✔️auto switch-on activation: yes
✔️door opening button: yes
✔️supply voltage: 12 ÷ 15Vdc
✔️max current consumption: 0.4 A
✔️DIMENSIONS: height cm. 21.1xwidth cm. 21.8xdepth cm. 6.2

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